Valverdi Tiles Help Modernise a 1950’s Family Home in Buckinghamshire

January 18, 2019

Valverdi Tiles Help Modernise

Valverdi tiles help modernise a 1950’s family home  After years of searching and waiting, one couple finally moved into their dream home in Marlow, Buckinghamshire. The house had barely been touched since it was built in the 1950’s so needed a lot of modernisation, allowing them to put their own personal touches on the design.

‘The property was calling out for an extension across the back to create a large kitchen-diner,’ says the owner. ‘The planning permission went through in a fairly standard six weeks, and we had a team of builders recommended to us, so we were able to start work quickly.’

They decided they wanted to install sliding doors that extended across the entire kitchen extension. They found it made a huge difference to the feel of the entire property, simply due to the amount of additional natural light it let in.

Flooring for the new kitchen-diner was a big consideration. ‘Ideally we were keen on something that went from inside to outside, but it was tough to find tiles that could do that,’ say the couple. ‘However, at one of the home shows we went to we spotted a product that does exactly that!’ The couple pick a shade that toned in with the kitchen cabinetry. ‘It all works really well and is so practical.’ Valverdi Tiles  can Help Modernise any building from old to new.

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