Can I Use 10mm Porcelain Tiles Outside?

July 22, 2019

Can I Use 10mm Porcelain Tiles Outside?

At Valverdi we are being asked whether 10mm porcelain tiles can be used outside by many of our customers. While in theory you can use 10mm porcelain tiles outside, the 20mm porcelain tiles are much better suited for external use. In fact, the Valverdi range of co-ordinating indoor 10mm and external 20mm was designed specifically to enable you to have the same look inside and outdoors without compromising on quality. Technically both the internal and external tiles in the Valverdi range are made of the same porcelain material, however a range of enhancements are made to make the 20mm tiles better suited for use externally.

Benefits of Valverdi 10mm and 20mm Porcelain Tiles

There are some dual benefits that both the 10 and 20mm porcelain tiles share:

✔ The Valverdi range will not be damaged by frost or changing temperatures.

✔ The tiles are stain resistant, perfect for floors in kitchens or on patios.

✔ Valverdi Indoor-Out is 100% colourfast, even after decades in the sun.

The Disadvantages of Using 10mm Tiles Externally

Although the 10mm tiles do have some great features, there are some issues that arise when using 10mm tiles externally:

✗ 10mm tiles cannot be installed on to adjustable pedestals such as the Eterno Ivica system.

✗ More susceptible to cracks & chips due to outdoor use and traffic, for example heavy patio furniture like trampolines, tables and BBQs.

✗ Lower slip resistance rating, so in wet weather or if used as swimming pool surrounds they may become hazardous.

The Advantages of Using 20mm Tiles Externally

Not only do the 20mm external porcelain tiles have the same frost and stain resistance, along with being colourfast, like the 10mm porcelain tiles, but they also have these added benefits:

✔ Can be installed onto pedestal based systems on balconies and terraces.

✔ The incredibly strong & hard-wearing vitrified porcelain means that heavy furniture – like trampolines and BBQs – can be used.

✔ High R11 slip resistance rating, making these tiles a great choice, no matter the weather.

✔ Due to their hard-wearing material and double thickness the tiles are less likely to crack due to heavy use.

The 20mm porcelain tiles not only have all the same benefits as the 10mm tiles, without any of the costs, but they also have several added benefits making them the better choice for your external space.