Can I Use Porcelain Outside?

September 10, 2019

At Valverdi a common question we find ourselves answering is ‘can I use porcelain tiles outside’? Whist we can’t speak for all porcelain tile options; at Valverdi we have specially designed a range of porcelain tiles for you to use outside.

How Our Tiles Have Been Designed to Be Used Outdoors

Here are all the benefits to using our outdoor porcelain tiles for your garden:

  • The Valverdi range will not be damaged by frost and is highly stain-resistant, so will not discolour due to algae. This is due to the process in which the product is made that ensures it does not absorb water.
  • The Valverdi Indoor-Out range is 100% colourfast, even after decades in the sun. The tiles also do not change colour when they get wet – a useful design feature considering the British weather.
  • The tiles are incredibly easy to lay, they can be installed directly onto the pedestals used to pave external tiles.
  • The tiles are scratch resistant due to the vitrification process which makes the tiles second only to diamond in hardness.
  • The incredibly strong & hard-wearing vitrified porcelain means that heavy furniture – like trampolines and BBQs – can be used, making them perfect for high traffic outdoor areas.
  • The product requires little maintenance, unlike the sealing and re-sealing of natural stone tiles.
  • High R11 slip resistance rating. The UK is renowned for unpredictable weather, and most patio decking choices – like wood – become slippery in wet weather. Thanks to the R11 slip rating, our Valverdi range is a safer choice for your outdoor patio.

All of these amazing features make our 20mm Porcelain tile range perfectly suited for outdoor use.

What is an R11 Resistance Rating?

In our list of features, we speak about an R11 Resistance rating but what does that actually mean? Well, during the manufacturing process of each of our outdoor tiles texture is added before they are fired at incredibly high temperatures (vitrification). By adding texture each tiles slip resistance is increased. We then test each individual tile by using the Inclined Ramp Test. During the test the tiles are lubricated and then gradually inclined until the slipping angle of the tile is found. Then a test subject who is wearing standardised rubber soles will then check the resistance of the tile. At Valverdi every one of our external tiles have been awarded an R11 resistance rating. This means they have good surface friction, making them an ideal choice for your patio.

The Valverdi Indoor-Outdoor Range

Besides all these features that make the Valverdi porcelain tiles suitable for use outside, the Valverdi range also has a fantastic, unique design feature.

The Valverdi Indoor-Out range allows you to connect your external and internal spaces by co-ordinating your indoor floor tiles to your outdoor patio tiles. Through this linking of spaces, it will give the illusion of an open-plan living space. With a wide range of porcelain tiles from classic to modern or our wood and natural stone effect tiles, there really is something for everyone. Our specially designed Indoor-Outdoor range allows you to design an indoor-outdoor living space that’s not only unique to you but made from the best porcelain for the project.

See the different Valverdi Indoor-Out design and size options available here.