indoor outdoor living from Valverdi

Indoor Outdoor Living with Valverdi

When Julian was designing his new family home he knew he wanted to create something contemporary yet elegant. The idea came to him to use co-ordinating flooring materials inside and out, however he could only find rustic materials, such as stone, which didn’t suit the modern style of his home…and so Valverdi Indoor-Out was born.

Creating an indoor-outdoor Valverdi living area is an excellent way to maximise space – whether you have a lot or a little. Our range of co-ordinating porcelain tiles helps you blur the lines between internal and external living spaces, creating the illusion of a seamless transition.

Each Valverdi Indoor-Out tile range features a co-ordinating 10mm indoor and 20mm outdoor tile, allowing you to create a natural flow between your living spaces. Particularly suited for use with bi-fold, French and patio doors, the indoor and outdoor flooring tiles can be used in kitchens, dining rooms & conservatories and on patios, balconies & terraces.

Indoor-outdoor living space using white Valverdi porcelain tiles.

Our tips to help you create an indoor-outdoor living space:

  • Use continuous flooring materials to blur the lines
  • Match grout colour and width internally & externally
  • Use doors with wide openings like bi-fold or sliding doors
  • Replicate interior design styles in both areas
  • Use plants indoors and textiles outside to add harmony

Take a look at our gallery for more indoor-outdoor inspiration or get in touch if you need any advice. Our range of indoor-outdoor porcelain tiles can be purchased online at The London Tile Co. and Green Garden Paving.