How To Finish The Edges Of Your Valverdi Patio

April 8, 2019

How To Finish Valverdi, porcelain is a fantastic material choice for patios as it is extremely strong and hard-wearing, but it does require some attention when it comes to the edges. Factory finished or cut edges can be sharp, particularly if the tiles have been rectified, or unsightly if the body of the tile differs slightly in colour from the surface. With traditional stone or cement paving slabs you would usually use a contrasting colour brick, block or edging piece to create a border. These all have quite rustic looks, which don’t suit a contemporary outdoor porcelain tile. We’ve outlined some of the most popular and practical options for finishing the edges of your outdoor porcelain tiles below.

Machine Profiling

Your tiles will be sent away to a specialist profiling company to create the finish of your choice – the most popular being bull-nose, half bull-nose or pencil edge. This process will take around 6-8 weeks and can be costly depending on the number of tiles you require profiled. Check your stockist takes tiles from the same batch for profiling to ensure the finished pieces look the same.

Chippings or Stones

If your patio is surrounded by lawn or similar you can use natural materials such as stones or chippings to create an attractive finish around the edges.

Stainless Steel Trims

Tile trims are usually seen indoors, but PorcelQuick have created a range of 316 stainless steel profiles for external use. There are a range of designs available including a square finish, round edge and even a formable straight edge trim that can be used on curved edges.


For a natural look you can hide the edges of your tiles with plants. Bear in mind if the plants have any seeds, fruit or leaves that may drop onto the tiles that this area could need more regular cleaning.

At Valverdi we do not supply any pre-made edge pieces. There can be slight variation in colour and sizing between different batches, therefore your edging pieces would not perfectly match your finished patio.