Installing Valverdi tiles outdoors using a paving pad or pedestal system

Installing Valverdi tiles can be a quick and easy process with the advice and installation methods listed here. Generally Valverdi indoor tiles will be installed onto a solid base, however there are a number of installation methods suitable for installing Valverdi tiles outdoors. We have listed our recommended methods below but please get in touch if you have any questions regarding installation.

Pedestal Method

The pedestal system allows for quick and easy installation, and involves fixing pedestals below the tiles to support them. Laid without a filled joint, the water will drain to the surface below using the established falls of the balcony or roof terrace. Valverdi offers a series of pedestals to provide a flexible tiling installation solution. Our pedestals have different heights, ranging from 28mm to 215mm, with the option to extend up to 550mm using a combination of extension pieces.

Installing Valverdi tiles outdoors using a paving support pad or paving pedestal method

Adhesive Method

Valverdi Indoor-Out 20mm porcelain can be laid directly onto a cured reinforced concrete base using suitable polymer modified cement-based tile adhesive. The tiles must be laid into a solid bed with no voids. Appropriate expansion joints should be incorporated through the concrete slab and against perimeter structures as required. The concrete screed should be laid with appropriate falls to allow for drainage.

Installing Valverdi tiles with an adhesive installation method

PorcelQuick Adpeds

This method involves creating a series of ‘adhesive pedestals’ using Adpeds filled with a mix of sand and cement. The tiles are then fixed to these using a suitable adhesive, and the joints are grouted using Grout Backer Rod. The PorcelQuick system provides an up to 80% reduction in the materials needed, as well as reducing the carbon footprint and installation time. See for more information.

PorcelQuick also supply Stainless Steel External Tile Trims as an affordable and quick solution to profiling 20mm thick porcelain tiles. The trims are made from strong stainless steel and can be used to finish edges on steps, swimming pool surrounds and borders.

Valverdi Profiling Service

We offer a profiling service on all Valverdi tiles, allowing you to create the perfect finish for your project. Many different types of profiling are available – the most common profiles that we offer are bull nose and half bull nose finishes, with or without anti slip grooves. Profiling is used to create tiles for steps, pool edgings, copings and skirting, and tiles can also be cut with holes for lighting or drainage. We carry out profiling from our stock, ensuring that the shade of your profiled pieces matches the rest of your tiles. Please allow at least 6 weeks for the profiling to be completed as the process is extremely labour intensive due to the hard nature of Valverdi porcelain.

See some examples of profiling options below.

Valverdi Profiling Service